Car Breaks Down

What Should I Do When My Car Breaks Down?

Breakdowns are more common than you’d imagine and it’s important to know what to do. The first thing is to put on your hazard lights. Then pull your car off the road and ensure it’s far away from moving traffic as quickly as possible. Note your location, like the nearest exit and landmarks such as a mall, business complex, gas station or restaurant. Call road assistance and let them know the problem you’re having you’re your car. In case you wish to exit your vehicle, do so from the side that’s facing away from the traffic and stay clear of oncoming traffic.

Heavy Duty Towing & Equipment Recovery

When Do I Need a Heavy-Duty Tow Truck Service?

Road mishaps aren’t uncommon. There may be rollovers due to sharp turns in the road, accidents and breakdowns. When such mishaps involve big trucks and heavy vehicles, the need for a heavy-duty tow truck service arises. It’s best to call for these specialized services to minimize further damage to your vehicle, even in the most demanding of situations. Apart from big trucks, towing of semi-trucks, trailers, buses and motor-homes also requires a heavy-duty tow truck service. Sometimes, even cars may need a heavy-duty tow truck service in case of extreme damage.

Car Service

How Often Do I Need to Service My Car?

Regular servicing increases safety, dependability and the life of your car. Ensure you get your car serviced at least once in 12 months, or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. You may also need to get your car serviced more frequently depending on how old your vehicle is, how well you maintain it and the condition of the roads you typically drive on. If you frequently drive long distances, it’s a good idea to service your car once in six months, or every 6,000 miles. You may wish to service your car just before going on a long road trip, and keep in mind, vehicles vary so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


What Are the Most Common Causes of Towing in NJ?

If you’re wondering which car problems require towing, the most common in NJ are flat tires, battery problems, stalling, engine light flashing and smoke or vapor coming from under the hood or out of the tailpipe. Of these common reasons, overheating and flashing engine light are the most dangerous or damaging for your vehicle. Although not as common, if you hear a sudden, loud noise, it’s a good idea to pull your car over and call road assistance. This as well as problems with the steering wheel can result in your car being towed.

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