Certified Auto Repair

Whether you have a commercial fleet or a single personal vehicle, your primary mode of transportation should always be safe and reliable. Every vehicle is subject to wear and tear over time that affects the safety features as well as the engine’s performance. Ideally, minor problems are caught early enough that only a few simple repairs are all it takes to correct the issue, but our crew is also ready to handle major repairs such as engine overhauls and transmission replacements. When you need auto repairs that you can trust, our service department has used and new parts available that our technicians can install to ensure that you avoid another breakdown.

Understand the Importance of Certified Repairs

At Certified Auto Mall, our technicians undergo specialized training and testing to earn their ASE certification. We also hold our crew to the highest standards in auto repair, and we are constantly providing educational opportunities that help us stay on the leading edge of new technology that keeps vehicles running well. While many mechanics learn their skills on the job, we believe that classroom training combined with hands-on experiences gives our crew the ability to stand out from the rest.

Know the Different Types of Auto Repair Services

We offer general car repair services that range from simple tasks such as hose replacements, to complicated procedures that include replacing major components like the transmission. Our service shop also does regular maintenance tasks such as an oil change and tune up. We also provide inspections to identify common safety issues, and you can utilize our ABS brake repair and maintenance service to ensure that your vehicle complies with New Jersey safety standards.

Make a Plan for Regular Maintenance

The majority of vehicles come with an owner’s manual that details how often common maintenance tasks must be performed. Typically, you will need to do things such as change the oil every so many miles, but it’s easy to overlook how quickly those miles go by. When you bring your car to our shop, we help you create a personalized maintenance plan that helps you stay on track with preventative care. We can also help you figure out things such as the last time that your tires were rotated so that you never leave your car’s safety and condition to chance.

Know Who to Call in an Emergency

When your car breaks down or displays unsettling signs of an imminent problem such as squealing brakes, you must act fast. After all, roadside emergencies are dangerous, and you rely on your vehicle to help you accomplish your daily responsibilities. We encourage you to keep our number handy so that you can call us at the first sign of a problem. We can even tow your vehicle to our shop to simplify the process of arranging for repairs. From figuring out why your car keeps overheating to making sure that your commercial truck brakes work, we are here to serve the New Jersey community with certified and reputable auto repairs.

Certified Towing & Recovery Services