Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery

Our heavy duty towing and recovery services are designed to tackle tough jobs that require a high level of expertise and the right equipment. While light duty towing services are fine for passenger vehicles, large or oversized trucks and other types of equipment must be recovered using the proper tools to get them out fast with safety always in mind. In addition to our regular tow services, we offer highly trained crew members who know how to use the trucks as efficiently as possible.

Wide Range of Heavy Duty Vehicles and Equipment

Over the years, we have cultivated a reputation for being able to handle any commercial towing and recovery job. If you have a large or oversized vehicle, then we have the right equipment to get it out of any sticky situation. While our services are not limited to only these vehicles, we frequently help to recover and transport the following heavy duty vehicles:

  • Commercial buses
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction vehicles
  • Semi-tractor trailers
  • Motorhomes

Our commercial towing service is designed to protect your most valuable business assets from damage by utilizing specialized hook-ups that are designed specifically for heavy duty vehicles. Commercial buses and other types of large vehicles often require towing by wreckers that provide wheel-lift and under reach capabilities that prevent damage and provide the support necessary to prevent damage during transport.

Heavy Duty Equipment to Get the Job Done Right

Large and oversized vehicles require specialized equipment that has the ability to lift, rotate, and pull them out of an unsafe situation. Our fleet includes a 40 ton heavy duty rotator that assists with complicated recovery procedures such as overturned tractor trailers. We also keep a 25 ton wrecker in our fleet that can tow your heavy duty vehicle to your desired destination for repairs. Our towing and recovery equipment can also manage water and mud recoveries that allow you to relax once our crew takes over.

Get Your Vehicle Out of a Jam Anytime and Anywhere

While our heavy duty wreckers and rotators are designed to lift oversized vehicles and tow them to safety, the real work goes on behind the wheel. Our crew members all attend the Miller Industries Ring Leader Training program to ensure that the person who answers your call knows how to handle your roadside emergency. We also take pride in providing expedient service that is available 24/7 since we know that emergencies do not always happen during regular office hours. Whether you need to recover and tow your vehicle near or far, our crew will get you where you need to be as soon as possible.

At Certified Auto Mall Towing, our primary goal is to always recover your heavy duty vehicle as quickly as possible so that safety is restored. When you need a lift, just reach out to our crew. Our commitment to upgrading our equipment to take advantage of the latest technology means that you always have a reliable way to get your oversized vehicle out of any roadside emergency.

Certified Towing & Recovery Services