NJ Heavy Duty Rotator Service

Recover Overturned Vehicles

Certified Auto Mall Towing has an extensive fleet of recovery vehicles that can provide heavy duty rotator service in NJ for any roadside emergency. Heavy duty rotators are impressive vehicles that are a lot like a hybrid between a crane and a truck. Our 40 ton rotator truck has the ability to rotate heavy duty vehicles and equipment 360 degrees, which allows us to manage even the most complicated towing and recovery procedures. When you have a serious recovery job on your hands, trust it to our crew so that you can safely get your large or oversized vehicle out of a bad situation.

Oversized vehicles often come with a high risk for rollovers. Unfortunately, all it takes is slick roads or a sudden traffic stop to cause even the best driver to lose control of their vehicle. Once a vehicle overturns, safety becomes paramount. After the driver and any passengers are safely accounted for, the next step in the process is to get the vehicle turned back over and removed from the accident site. Our heavy duty rotator service in NJ allows the capability of righting vehicles that are flipped completely over or laying on their side. Since time is of the essence in this type of roadside emergency, we often dispatch our rotator truck to any scene where a heavy duty vehicle is overturned, especially when it takes place on a public roadway. Depending upon what your heavy duty truck was transporting, you can also benefit from our Hazmat services to clean up any spills from the accident that remain after we move your vehicle.

heavy duty rotator service in NJ

Our Operators are Wreckmaster CertifiedWreckmaster Certified

Our Operators are

Wreckmaster Certified

Wreckmaster Certified

Manage Off Road Recoveries

Roadside emergencies are not confined to pavement. Often, commercial vehicles such as farm and construction equipment must be driven in less than ideal conditions. Mud, ditches and water sources all pose hazards for getting your heavy duty vehicle stuck, and traditional winching services might not be enough to work for your situation. Heavy duty rotator services are ideal for managing a stuck vehicle that occurs off the beaten path, and our crew is ready to go anywhere that you need to safely recover your vehicle. From water recoveries, to pulling a vehicle back off of a ledge, no job is too complicated for our heavy duty rotator truck. It can even work in tight quarters to recover vehicles that other tow services might have to skip.

Heavy duty rotators are also ideal for those jobs on the worksite that are not manageable without the right equipment. Our rotator can lift up to 50 tons of equipment, and you can use it to lift heavy equipment such as trailers from one place to another. Alternatively, you can utilize our heavy duty rotator to help load construction equipment on to the trailer so that it can be moved to the next worksite.

Owning and operating large vehicles and equipment means that you must always keep safety at the forefront of your mind. With our heavy duty rotator, big jobs suddenly become simple, and our crew knows how to follow all of the proper protocols to lift, rotate, and transport your vehicle to safety.

heavy duty rotator service in NJ

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