Heavy Duty Rotator Service in Central NJ

heavy duty rotator service in central njAt Certified Auto Mall Towing & Recovery, we are able to provide heavy duty rotator service in Central NJ! Our extensive fleet can handle any job. When your large or oversized vehicle is in a bad situation, our team will be there to help. We understand how stressful it can be when you are in a situation like this. This is why we are happy to take care of everything for you. Our Certified team is friendly, and we are able to quickly and safely recover your vehicle without causing any additional damage!

What Are Heavy Duty Rotators Exactly?

heavy duty rotator service in central njThe best way to describe heavy duty rotators is that it is a type of hybrid between a crane and a truck. These incredible vehicles, like our 40 ton rotator truck, allow us to have the ability to rotate heavy duty vehicles and equipment 360 degrees. If your heavy duty vehicle or equipment is completely flipped over, or on its side, our heavy duty rotator will be able to put the vehicle or equipment back into its correct position. When you unfortunately find yourself in a situation where your vehicle or equipment has overturned, we have the proper equipment to quickly assist you!

Call for Service!

We recommend keeping our number handy, just in case you ever find yourself in need of heavy duty rotator service. You can quickly reach us by dialing (732) 730-1200. Our service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We understand that vehicle issues happen when you least expect it, so we’re always here for you. Once you request service, you can guarantee that our Certified team will be to you quickly. In situations where a heavy duty vehicle has turned over, time is of the essence! Wherever you are in Central NJ, we will be to you as quickly as possible to get you out of a bad situation!